Ansh Goyal

Passionate about changing the world with technology.


About Me

I am a first year undergrad majoring in Computer Science and Engineering at BITS Pilani. My recent interests include full-stack development. I am very passionate about programming and engineering as a whole. I am looking for working on Open Source projects.



Taapmaan is a web app that fetches the weather data for the next 5 days from the OpenWeatherMap API. Location autocomplete when the user searches for their city, using the OpenStreetMap API. It also displays the current weather data for the user's location using FreeGeoIp API.

Live Repo
Built With: NodeJSOpenWeatherMap APIOpenStreetmap APIFreeGeoIp API
Fridge to Table

FridgetoTable is a web app that allows users to manage their food inventory, and get recipe suggestions using Edamam API as well as the list of restaurants nearby using Google Maps API. Added Google OAuth2. Used Redis for caching session and API results.

Live Repo
Built With: NodeJSPassport.jsPostgreSQLEdamam APIGoogle Maps APIEJSRedis


During the course of my journey, I've built a solid foundation in computer science and web development. I am familiar with the following languages

logo ExpressJS
logo MongoDB
logo PostgreSQL
logo Flask
logo C++